If you'd like advice or to offer contract work, please contact via linkedin or github.

Fees, Rates and Timelines

I only undertake additional paid work by exception, with my main focus currently being changing the world of pet food for good at tails.com. With that in mind, fees rates and timelines will depend entirely on the nature and scale of the work required. Naturally, work which is interesting, meaningful and has long and flexible timelines will command lower rates. Speaking, Conference and Panel engagements may be free of charge for public events if they further the aims of tails or sqlfluff.

Public portfolio

Data Strategy & Architecture: tails.com

Python: sqlfluff, docs.sqlfluff.com, github.com/alanmcruickshank/adventofcode (with a bit of Haskell).

Web design: designingoverload.com, amshank.com, reallygreencredentials.com.